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Learn the ins and outs of reading price charts for profit

Ever wondered how to read the mood of the market by studying share price charts? It is not that hard. Robert will again be running his “Share Market Price Chart secrets” seminar (aka “Technical Analysis Introduction” seminar) on Saturday 31st March 2012 at the Vermont South Community House. More details are here.  Costs and other … Continue reading

Complete share market introduction – weekend in Inverloch

You can have more control over your share market investing, and you can be profitable. Is the share market proving a bit tough? Losing too much money in the market? Starting to doubt the conventional investing wisdom of the professionals? Did you know that some of the industry commentators are not entirely truthful? Blue chip … Continue reading

How to read the share market price charts, and make money doing it

The share price charts of blue chip companies tell us a lot about the company. And with a little understanding we can work out the best time to invest (and a good time to sell). And with good charting software that includes access to fundamental data plus a whole lot more (like BullCharts), it becomes … Continue reading

Share market seminars in Inverloch

Robert will be presenting his two popular sharemarket seminars in Inverloch (South Gippsland, Victoria) in late July. Sessions on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July (and repeated on Monday-Tuesday 1-2 August) The “Share Market 101” session is a 6-hour crash course into the workings of the sharemarket – how it works, who are the players, … Continue reading

Next seminar dates

The dates of my next seminars are now posted…. Venue will be Vermont South Community House….. See web site for details

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