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13 Jan 2023 (AFR) – How to pump and dump like the Wolf of Wall Street

(13 January 2023, AFR, p27, Tom Richardson Markets reporter and commentator) Firstly, PLEASE NOTE that I do not advocate using a strategy such as this. I am posting this information here only as an educational heads-up for investors and traders, to help them understand the pitfalls that can await them when investing and trading in … Continue reading

7 Dec 2022 (The Age) – How to keep your shares safe from hacks and collapses

(7 December 2022, The Age, John Collett) – With lots of news and discussion lately about cyber hacking and security, and cryptocurrencies, etc., here is a good article talking about issues like share ownership and the benefits of the CHESS share ownership model versus the not-well-understood “custodial” model where you don’t actually own the shares … Continue reading

12 July 2022 (AFR) – Wirecard forged client details to secure $1.3b SoftBank investment

(12 July 2022, AFR, p26, from Financial Times) – This delve into the recent Wirecard fraud case is incredulous, due to the huge amount of money embezzled. “Frankfurt/London | Wirecard forged client data and lied about internal records to secure a €900 million ($1.3 billion) investment from SoftBank that was seen as a vote of … Continue reading

4 July 2022 (AFR) – How global fraudsters used a local crypto exchange to fleece this SMSF

(4 July 2022, AFR, p8, Max Mason, Senior reporter) – Investors and traders, watch out for investment scams like this. When Peter Cook received a phone call from a man claiming to be Dave Gold of 500 Investments, the opportunity to get into soon-to-be listed companies overseas sounded like an appealing way to broaden the … Continue reading