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27 Jan 2023 (AFR) – This is exactly how bad it was for IPOs in 2022

(27 Jan 2023, AFR, p15, Michael Bailey Rich List co-editor). My personal view about IPOs is that there is too much downside risk for me as a trader/investor. So I now avoid them altogether. My own research and further comment is available here. Meanwhile, here is a snippet of today’s AFR article with reference to … Continue reading

24 Jan 2023 (AFR) – Why the (improved) 60/40 portfolio is back in vogue

(24 January 2023, AFR, p27, Arian Neiron Contributor) There has been a lot of discussion recently about the so-called “60/40 portfolio”. Mind you, thousands of traders and investors do not follow such strategies – myself included. However, this news article is interesting reading because of the various references to the opinions of portfolio construction, including: … Continue reading

13 Jan 2023 (AFR) – How to pump and dump like the Wolf of Wall Street

(13 January 2023, AFR, p27, Tom Richardson Markets reporter and commentator) Firstly, PLEASE NOTE that I do not advocate using a strategy such as this. I am posting this information here only as an educational heads-up for investors and traders, to help them understand the pitfalls that can await them when investing and trading in … Continue reading

7 Dec 2022 (The Age) – How to keep your shares safe from hacks and collapses

(7 December 2022, The Age, John Collett) – With lots of news and discussion lately about cyber hacking and security, and cryptocurrencies, etc., here is a good article talking about issues like share ownership and the benefits of the CHESS share ownership model versus the not-well-understood “custodial” model where you don’t actually own the shares … Continue reading

3 Dec 2022 (AFR) – Why the ETF surge explains the woes at Perpetual, Magellan

(3 December 2022, AFR, p40, Chanticleer) Here’s some insight into recent performance of managed funds, with comment on ETFs. “Active equity fund managers employing highly paid stock pickers are facing tough times because they can’t match the surging inflows at exchange-traded funds. “There are two statistics that explain why leading active equity fund managers such … Continue reading

1 Dec 2022 (AFR) – Dixon Advisory clients to receive pittance under deed of arrangement

(1 December 2022, AFR, p21, Carrie LaFrenz and Jonathan Shapiro) – Here is a case study example of the possible outcomes when investing in various funds. “Dixon Advisory’s administrators have told the failed group’s creditors – all of whom are current and former clients in its ASX listed US property fund – to back a … Continue reading

1 Dec 2022 (AFR) – More funds fall foul of ASIC over dodgy marketing

(1 December 2022, AFR, p28, Emma Rapaport, Markets reporter) – I have said before that I don’t invest in managed funds, after having an adverse experience at the time of the 1987 stock market crash (but that is not advice, and is not a recommendation for you to do likewise). Following are some snippets from … Continue reading

30 Nov 2022 (AFR) – Five-year winning streak eludes all fund managers – S&P finds

(30 November, 2022, AFR, p30, Vesna PoljakMarkets editor) – “Fund managers cannot thump the market five years in a row, according to an analysis by S&P Dow Jones Indices, leading it to claim that outperformance by active managers is “relatively short-lived”, if not statistically impossible. “ Read more at

20 Oct 2022 (AFR) – ASX trading needs detailed probe

(20 October 2022, AFR, p48, Chanticleer) – The AFR posted an interesting article about the inner workings of the ASX securities exchange, and their processes, and the alternative. A very interesting read. Read more at

24 Sept 2022 (AFR) – Listed or unlisted: who’s got it right?

(24 Sept 2022, AFR, p29, Duncan Hughes Reporter) This article touches on a contentious issue that many investors contemplate from time to time, when looking to make a new investment. Some funds in unlisted assets promise unrealistic returns. Perhaps one answer is in this article. “A 27 percentage point difference in performance returns between listed … Continue reading

12 July 2022 (AFR) – Wirecard forged client details to secure $1.3b SoftBank investment

(12 July 2022, AFR, p26, from Financial Times) – This delve into the recent Wirecard fraud case is incredulous, due to the huge amount of money embezzled. “Frankfurt/London | Wirecard forged client data and lied about internal records to secure a €900 million ($1.3 billion) investment from SoftBank that was seen as a vote of … Continue reading

7 July 2022 (AFR) – Greed drew Goldman to dubious fund

(7 July 2022, AFR, p28, Aaron PatrickSenior correspondent) – This news article gives a great insight into the workings of some hedge funds. “You probably haven’t heard of Bill Hwang, but until the COVID-19 pandemic, he ran a $50 billion hedge fund that blew up in one week. The family-owned fund, Archegos, was one of … Continue reading

4 July 2022 (AFR) – How global fraudsters used a local crypto exchange to fleece this SMSF

(4 July 2022, AFR, p8, Max Mason, Senior reporter) – Investors and traders, watch out for investment scams like this. When Peter Cook received a phone call from a man claiming to be Dave Gold of 500 Investments, the opportunity to get into soon-to-be listed companies overseas sounded like an appealing way to broaden the … Continue reading

30 June 2022 (AFR) – Tyro plunges as CEO jumps ship

(30 June 2022, AFR, p24, Vesna Poljak) – Is there a problem with the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sector? Astute and nimble traders and investors might have already implemented their exit strategy on stocks like this. The price chart shows a downtrend. From AFR: “Shares of Tyro Payments suffered a 16.7 per cent loss … Continue reading

30 June 2022 – Volt Bank to close, return $100m to customers

(30 June, 2022, AFR, p13). With Volt Bank closing, does that signal issues that might affect other banks, such as Judo Bank? Astute traders and investors who are holding stocks like these might pay closer attention to share price performance, and their individual exit strategies. (Remembering that the price shares reflect the underlying opinions of … Continue reading

30 June 2022 – Australian almond harvest in jeopardy as ‘Covid for bees’ strikes apiaries – impacting local almond producers

Select Harvest’s share price fell yesterday due to this varroa mite issue near Newcastle. Will there be a share price recovery opportunity for nimble share traders in the near future, once this problem is resolved? Read more about the varroa mite infestation at Read the Select Harvest company announcement here.

24 June 2022 (AFR) – Lake Resources plunge exposes concerns about ASX 200 index

(24 June 2022, AFR, p33, Jonathan Shapiro and Alex Gluyas) – Some astute investors like to anticipate the stocks that will enter, or leave, a market index in the periodic rebalance activity. The ASX200 (XJO) index is rebalanced quarterly, and some investors manage to make money over the couple of weeks prior to the rebalance … Continue reading

Trading ideas – banks too cheap? Or to avoid?

22 June, 2022, AFR (p24). “How investors are playing the big bank sell-off. Investors are divided about whether bank stocks should still have a position in their portfolios following a vicious sell-off sparked by concerns about the economic impact of aggressive rate increases by the Reserve Bank.” Read it here…

Trading ideas ???

After running my Aussie Sharemarket Barometer blog for a few years, and then stepping back for a few months to re-think it, I’ve decided to now focus on “trading ideas and stocks to watch” for a small and select group of traders/investors. BUT, none of the material here can be considered financial advice! It is … Continue reading

8 June 2022 – Melbourne investor who bragged of ‘dummy bids’ facing jail for pump-and-dump scheme

(8 June 2022, AFR, The Age, SMH, Nine News) – Many investors and traders often wonder about the hazards of investing and trading, and the various discussion websites that promote specific stocks from time to time. And they often wonder about the so-called “pump and dump” methods. Here is a real-life case study example. “A … Continue reading

26 May 2022 (AFR) – Beware these ‘undervalued’ stocks

(26 May 2022, AFR, Chanticleer, p48) This article in today’s AFR newspaper is a great warning to investors regarding the so-called “value” stocks which have a current share price well below the value ascribed to the stock by analysts and brokers. “When a veteran Australian equities fund manager was asked to comment on a list … Continue reading

12 May 2022 (The Age) – Crypto’s $2.2 trillion meltdown rings alarm bells

(12 May 2022, The Age, p25, Stephen Bartholomeusz, Senior business columnist) Crypto assets were supposed to behave quite differently to conventional investments. It turns out that they do. In a “risk-off” environment they perform far worse. The selling points for crypto assets used to be that they weren’t correlated to other assets classes and therefore … Continue reading

23 March 2022 (AFR) – Push on to close investing loophole

(23 March 2022, AFR, p8) – “The collapse of six property projects pushed by property promoter Sasha Hopkins and the A Team has reignited calls from consumer advocates and financial planners to close the loophole that allows marketing of direct property investments without a financial services licence.” Read more at…

19 Feb 2022 (AFR) – History shows markets rebound after a crisis

(19 February 2022, AFR, p26) “The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is a reminder to investors of how markets behave in a crisis – and what to expect if Russia does follow through. As tensions escalated between the two countries this week, investors fled risk assets, sending equity markets tumbling, and piled into … Continue reading

2 Feb 2022 (AFR) – Sink or swim: 2021 floats the fundies like

(2 Feb 2022, AFR, Tony Featherstone, contributor) I have commented previously about the wiseness of taking part in an IPO, or company float. My earlier research showed that about half the time, the stock and the investor’s funds were underwater for some months afterwards. My conclusion was that participating in an IPO is not a … Continue reading

29 Jan 2022 (AFR) – Seven lessons for investors

(29 January 2022, AFR, p29, Jonathan Shapiro) “Nice guys aren’t always good guys and there are a few lessons we can take to avoid being vulnerable to an adviser intent on profiting from, not for, you. For decades, the name of Dixon Advisory was trusted and respected when it came to advice about wealth, particularly … Continue reading

12 Jan 2022 (AFR) – Unified BHP to reshape ASX200 in one session

(12 January 2022, AFR) “The super-sizing of BHP within Australia’s flagship market indices will occur in a single trading session if the company’s structure is unified next week, despite index manager S&P Global conceding the change would create “material” turbulence on the local market. BHP’s weighting in the benchmark S&P/ASX200 index will rise to about … Continue reading

14 July 2021 (AFR) – Retail investor’s guide to the truth of IPOs

(14 July 2021, AFR, Mark Draper) “Every retail investor dreams of doubling their money on day one of a hot initial public offering (IPO). But Myer, Dick Smith and, more recently, Nuix demonstrate that not all IPOs turn out to be profitable. With the likelihood of a flood of IPOs in the second half of … Continue reading

17 June 2021 (AFR) – Forget bubble talk, global fundies are all in

(17 June 2021, AFR, p29, James Thomson) “… Cash levels among global fundies fell from 4.1 per cent to near historic lows at just 3.9 per cent, as net asset allocation to equities surged 7 per cent in a month to 61 per cent, levels not seen in about eight years. “What shines through in … Continue reading

1 February 2021 – Changing the focus of my blog…

After running my “Aussie Business Barometer” blog for quite some time, it’s now time to tweak it somewhat and change the focus to be share market issues of interest to share market investors and traders. Including various tips, hints, and case studies of things to avoid. But we will definitely NOT host any “stock picks” … Continue reading