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7 Dec 2022 (The Age) – How to keep your shares safe from hacks and collapses

(7 December 2022, The Age, John Collett) – With lots of news and discussion lately about cyber hacking and security, and cryptocurrencies, etc., here is a good article talking about issues like share ownership and the benefits of the CHESS share ownership model versus the not-well-understood “custodial” model where you don’t actually own the shares … Continue reading

3 Dec 2022 (AFR) – Why the ETF surge explains the woes at Perpetual, Magellan

(3 December 2022, AFR, p40, Chanticleer) Here’s some insight into recent performance of managed funds, with comment on ETFs. “Active equity fund managers employing highly paid stock pickers are facing tough times because they can’t match the surging inflows at exchange-traded funds. “There are two statistics that explain why leading active equity fund managers such … Continue reading

1 Dec 2022 (AFR) – Dixon Advisory clients to receive pittance under deed of arrangement

(1 December 2022, AFR, p21, Carrie LaFrenz and Jonathan Shapiro) – Here is a case study example of the possible outcomes when investing in various funds. “Dixon Advisory’s administrators have told the failed group’s creditors – all of whom are current and former clients in its ASX listed US property fund – to back a … Continue reading

1 Dec 2022 (AFR) – More funds fall foul of ASIC over dodgy marketing

(1 December 2022, AFR, p28, Emma Rapaport, Markets reporter) – I have said before that I don’t invest in managed funds, after having an adverse experience at the time of the 1987 stock market crash (but that is not advice, and is not a recommendation for you to do likewise). Following are some snippets from … Continue reading