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24 Jan 2023 (AFR) – Why the (improved) 60/40 portfolio is back in vogue

(24 January 2023, AFR, p27, Arian Neiron Contributor) There has been a lot of discussion recently about the so-called “60/40 portfolio”. Mind you, thousands of traders and investors do not follow such strategies – myself included. However, this news article is interesting reading because of the various references to the opinions of portfolio construction, including: … Continue reading

13 Jan 2023 (AFR) – How to pump and dump like the Wolf of Wall Street

(13 January 2023, AFR, p27, Tom Richardson Markets reporter and commentator) Firstly, PLEASE NOTE that I do not advocate using a strategy such as this. I am posting this information here only as an educational heads-up for investors and traders, to help them understand the pitfalls that can await them when investing and trading in … Continue reading

7 Dec 2022 (The Age) – How to keep your shares safe from hacks and collapses

(7 December 2022, The Age, John Collett) – With lots of news and discussion lately about cyber hacking and security, and cryptocurrencies, etc., here is a good article talking about issues like share ownership and the benefits of the CHESS share ownership model versus the not-well-understood “custodial” model where you don’t actually own the shares … Continue reading

30 Nov 2022 (AFR) – Five-year winning streak eludes all fund managers – S&P finds

(30 November, 2022, AFR, p30, Vesna PoljakMarkets editor) – “Fund managers cannot thump the market five years in a row, according to an analysis by S&P Dow Jones Indices, leading it to claim that outperformance by active managers is “relatively short-lived”, if not statistically impossible. “ Read more at

20 Oct 2022 (AFR) – ASX trading needs detailed probe

(20 October 2022, AFR, p48, Chanticleer) – The AFR posted an interesting article about the inner workings of the ASX securities exchange, and their processes, and the alternative. A very interesting read. Read more at

7 July 2022 (AFR) – Greed drew Goldman to dubious fund

(7 July 2022, AFR, p28, Aaron PatrickSenior correspondent) – This news article gives a great insight into the workings of some hedge funds. “You probably haven’t heard of Bill Hwang, but until the COVID-19 pandemic, he ran a $50 billion hedge fund that blew up in one week. The family-owned fund, Archegos, was one of … Continue reading

24 June 2022 (AFR) – Lake Resources plunge exposes concerns about ASX 200 index

(24 June 2022, AFR, p33, Jonathan Shapiro and Alex Gluyas) – Some astute investors like to anticipate the stocks that will enter, or leave, a market index in the periodic rebalance activity. The ASX200 (XJO) index is rebalanced quarterly, and some investors manage to make money over the couple of weeks prior to the rebalance … Continue reading

8 June 2022 – Melbourne investor who bragged of ‘dummy bids’ facing jail for pump-and-dump scheme

(8 June 2022, AFR, The Age, SMH, Nine News) – Many investors and traders often wonder about the hazards of investing and trading, and the various discussion websites that promote specific stocks from time to time. And they often wonder about the so-called “pump and dump” methods. Here is a real-life case study example. “A … Continue reading

26 May 2022 (AFR) – Beware these ‘undervalued’ stocks

(26 May 2022, AFR, Chanticleer, p48) This article in today’s AFR newspaper is a great warning to investors regarding the so-called “value” stocks which have a current share price well below the value ascribed to the stock by analysts and brokers. “When a veteran Australian equities fund manager was asked to comment on a list … Continue reading

17 June 2021 (AFR) – Forget bubble talk, global fundies are all in

(17 June 2021, AFR, p29, James Thomson) “… Cash levels among global fundies fell from 4.1 per cent to near historic lows at just 3.9 per cent, as net asset allocation to equities surged 7 per cent in a month to 61 per cent, levels not seen in about eight years. “What shines through in … Continue reading

21 Feb 2020 – S&P/ASX All Technology Index to commence Monday 24th Feb

The ASX has announced a new index to commence activity on Monday 24th February. The ASX claims on their website: “The S&P/ASX All Technology Index (XTX) provides direct access to ASX’s fastest-growing sector in a single index”. Read about it at the ASX website. Also see a news article at .

15 Feb 2020 (AFR) – ASX 2 points off a fresh record as investors reward earnings

(15 February 2020, AFR, p33, Sarah Turner, Reporter) ‘The ASX ended the week fractionally off a fresh record close, with strong earnings-related gains from IDP Education, Breville and Challenger helping investors to look past their fears about the speed of the spread of the coronavirus in China. The S&P/ASX 200 index rose 26.97 points, or … Continue reading

12 Feb 2020 (The Age) – ASX reaches three-week high as risk appetite rises

[COMMENT: Isn’t it so interesting? The sorts of things that make newspaper headlines, and which in reality are not quite so. For the life of me I cannot see how the local market has made a three-week high. With reference to my chart, I can see a new intraday high for the last 2 weeks. … Continue reading

12 Feb 2020 (TheAge) – Disconnected: Why markets are booming while the world reels from the coronavirus outbreak

(12 February 2020, The Age, Business, p23, Stephen Bartholomeusz) ‘The US stockmarket hit yet another record overnight and other major markets, including the Australian exchange, are within sight of their own high points. The world must be in good shape, right? With the death toll from the coronavirus now surpassing that of the SARS epidemic … Continue reading

7 Feb 2020 (AFR) – ASX posts best day for almost a month

(7 February 2020, AFR, p30, Sarah Turner, Reporter) ‘Australian shares rose sharply on Thursday, boosted by a solid performance in the banking sector as well as some strong earnings-related gains, as worries that the coronavirus will dampen global economic growth abated. The S&P/ASX 200 index advanced 1.1 per cent, or 73.15 points, to 7049.19. That … Continue reading

7 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coles Group ups guidance after strong Christmas food sales

(7 February 2020, AFR, p17, Sue Mitchell, Senior Reporter) ‘Festive foods such as crackling ham and chocolate puddings teamed with free wine glasses helped Coles convince customers to loosen the purse strings in the run-up to Christmas. Australia’s second largest supermarket upgraded profit guidance for the December half after stronger than expected food sales and … Continue reading

7 Feb 2020 (TheAge) – Illiquid gold: Why Future Fund looks beyond our shrinking sharemarket

(7 February 2020, The Age, Business, p27, Stephen Bartholomeusz) ‘With stock exchanges shrinking around the world and private equity and unlisted investments growing rapidly, an interesting conundrum arises. Why is it big investors believe illiquid assets will generate better returns than those in liquid markets? ‘ ‘Stock markets, at least in the developed world, are … Continue reading

1 Feb 2020 (AFR) – ASX: Shares lift ahead of profit reporting season

(1 February 2020, AFR, p33, Tom Richardson, Markets reporter and commentator) ‘The S&P/ASX 200 closed 0.13 per cent or 8.8 points higher on Friday as worries over the potential impact of the coronavirus receded, despite the World Health Organisation declaring it an international emergency. Ahead of February’s interim profit reporting season, the sharemarket closed down … Continue reading

1 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Investing: What to look for in earnings season

(1 February 2020, AFR, p28, Sarah Turner, Reporter) ‘The bar has been set low for companies this earnings season but still may prove too high a hurdle for some, given steep share price gains the past year. A combination of surging share prices and subdued earnings could be setting some companies up for losses in … Continue reading

30 Jan 2020 (AFR) – ASX slides as virus outbreak fears spiral

(31 January 2020, AFR, p30, Luke Housego, Reporter) ‘Australian shares ended a day of volatility lower, following confirmation the number of coronavirus cases had risen sharply, overtaking the total infections associated with the 2003 SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak. The S&P/ASX 200 ended the second-to-last session for January 23.1 points, or 0.33 per cent, … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus and ASX: ASX endures worst day of 2020 as virus concerns deepen

(29 January 2020, AFR, p26, Luke Housego, Reporter) ‘Australian shares tumbled to their biggest loss of 2020 as concerns about the fallout on global growth from China’s coronavirus outbreak sparked a rout of world stockmarkets. The S&P/ASX 200 Index fell 96 points, or 1.4 per cent, to 6994.5 points, making it the biggest one-day fall … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR,Lex) – Coronavirus and luxury retail: When China sneezes, luxury retail catches cold

(29 January 2020, AFR, p23, The Lex Column) ‘China’s woes have caused feverish debate about travel bans and screening. With economic growth near multi-decade lows, Chinese shoppers are already spending less. Time to cash in on luxury’s bull run. China is sneezing. How sick is the rest of the world going to get? Reports that … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus Shanghai: Life in a ghost town as virus paranoia sets in

(29 January 2020, AFR, p1,  Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘The level of paranoia about a deadly virus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has increased considerably since the woman on the street approached me fearing for my safety.’ <snipped…> ‘Shanghai, while typically quiet during the Lunar New Year, usually picks up on the … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Markets exposed to China shock. Fears intensify amid global sell-off

(29 January 2020, AFR, p1, Vesna Poljak, James Fernyhough and Sarah Turner) ‘Australia’s close business links to China, which proved so successful in supporting the economy in its record-breaking run of growth, have emerged as a major risk to growth and earnings as the coronavirus outbreak gathers pace. The worst day of the year for … Continue reading

28 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: Empty restaurants in China a worry for Australian wine

(28 January 2020, AFR, p9, Simon Evans, Senior Reporter) ‘Australia’s wine industry faces a short-term hit if people in China keep staying away from restaurants and bars as the coronavirus outbreak worsens, with industry players nervous about a repeat of the fall-out from the 2003 SARS epidemic. Australia and France compete as the biggest exporter … Continue reading

28 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Climate change putting Australia’s food bowl at risk: Credit Suisse

(28 January 2020, AFR, p3, Mark Ludlow, Queensland Bureau Chief) ‘The future of Australia’s agricultural food bowl could be at risk from changed weather patterns resulting from climate change, according to Credit Suisse.’ <snipped…> ‘ “It’s hugely problematic for the Australian agricultural industry. Whole swathes of what has been the food bowl of Australia is … Continue reading

28 Jan 2020 (TheAge) – Coronavirus: Fears mount for global economy as China’s coronavirus outbreak worsens

(28 January 2020, The Age, Business, p26, By David Scutt) ‘Investors are bracing for the contagion of the coronavirus outbreak and the impact of a possible global pandemic on markets, with economists saying a hit to global growth from the disease is now all but inevitable. A rush to safe-haven assets lifted the price of … Continue reading

25 Jan 2020 (AFR) – International fallout from bushfires a big risk for investors

(25 January 2020, AFR, p23, Simon Evans, Sue Mitchell, James Fernyhough and Jenny Wiggins) ‘… Goldman Sachs has estimated the bushfire fallout could strip 0.4 per cent off Australia’s GDP, with the international dimension a potentially long-term drag. ‘ <snipped…> ‘A raft of profit downgrades from ASX-listed companies in the retail and tourism sectors in … Continue reading

25 Jan 2020 (AFR) – ASX ends week higher, stretching out January’s remarkable run

(25 January 2020, AFR, p33, Sarah Turner, Reporter) ‘Profit downgrades shook confidence in the earnings outlook for a handful of companies but investors shrugged off the news to push the broader market to another weekly gain, stretching January’s remarkable run. The S&P/ASX 200 index ended the week at 7090.50, up 2.5 points, retreating after touching … Continue reading

23 Jan 2020 (TheAge) – Full steam ahead as ASX smashes new records

(23 January 2020, The Age, Business, p24, By Lucy Battersby) ‘Australia’s stock market chalked up a surprisingly strong session on Wednesday with more than a tenth of the S&P/ASX200 reaching record high prices. The index closed nearly 1 per cent higher at 7132.7 points. News that German retail giant Kaufland is pulling out of Australia … Continue reading