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6 Dec 2017 (AFR) – Santa rally gift that (mostly) keeps giving – Will Santa bring a market rally? Here’s why it’s probable.

(6 December 2017, AFR, p27, by Chris Stott) ‘The well-worn investing aphorism “sell in May and go away”¬†is founded in the frequently volatile performance of the sharemarket in May. Investors may also be familiar with the so-called “Santa rally” phenomenon based on the frequent outperformance of the market in the lead-up to and during the … Continue reading

27 Oct 2017 (AFR) – When will this rally end: Investors ask the most common question on Wall Street

(27 October 2017, AFR, p31, by Philip Baker) ‘The S&P 500 is now deep into it’s ninth year of gains, and after 50 record highs so far this calender year it’s probably not surprising that Goldman Sachs equity strategist David Kostin says the most common question on Wall Street right now is: “When will this … Continue reading

27 Feb 2017 (AFR) -DJIA winning streak hits 11 ahead of Trump tax cut details

(27 February 2017, AFR, p20, by Vesna Poljak) ‘The Dow Jones Industrial Average set a record high for an 11th session in a row, raising the stakes ahead of United States President Donald Trump’s major congressional address this week which markets are counting on for details of his promised tax cuts. The winning streak on … Continue reading

13 Dec 2016 (AFR) – Interest rates not growth will drive the sharemarket

(13 December 2016, AFR, p28, by Philip Baker) ‘Sharemarket investors getting excited about the growth strategies of President-elect Donald Trump could do with being reminded that growth doesn’t drive stocks higher, earnings and interest rates do. Contrary to what sounds logical, growth does not have to be booming to produce solid gains in the stock … Continue reading

22 May 2013 (AFR) – Double-digit returns from bull market

[COMMENT: Might the observations described in this article be portending to a market correction?] (22 May 2013, AFR, P17, Ruth Liew) ‘As the one-year anniversary of the ¬≠Australian equities bull market rally draws near, industry experts say some investors remain on the sidelines and are missing out on double-digit returns as the hangover from the … Continue reading