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18 Nov 2015 (AFR) – Markets numb to terror but defence stocks trade at all-time highs

[COMMENT: Whilst some investors might expect a share market crash or similar after a catastrophe like the recent Paris terrorist attacks, the markets might initially fall, but tend to quickly recover when investors realise the big-picture impact to the markets is not that great. Read more in this article…] (18 November 2015, AFR, p33, by … Continue reading

29 Sept 2015 (AFR) – Ireland: Tentative signs that Celtic Tiger is starting to purr again

(29 September 2015, AFR, p31, by Vincent Boland, Financial Times) ‘Ireland’s business and political elite will gather this week on a greenfield site near the town of Naas, not far from Dublin, to mark the opening of one of the biggest investments made by an Irish company in several years.’ <snipped…> ‘… in 2012, when … Continue reading

4 May 2015 (AFR) – Fed says US recovery has lost momentum – Rate rise expectations put back by weaker than expected growth: US Federal Reserve

(4 May 2015, AFR, p21, by Sam Flemming) ‘Bank says worse than expected growth will push back expectations of rate rise. The US recovery has lost momentum and the pace of hiring has moderated, the Federal Reserve said, acknowledging a weakening in the economy that has prompted markets to push back expectations of interest rate … Continue reading

9 Jan 2015 (AFR) – Fed firm on US recovery

(9 Jan 2015, AFR, p31, Howard Schneider) ‘United States central bankers have looked beyond a global deflation threat, fear of energy-sector bond defaults, and a surge of oil patch layoffs to reach what appears to be a firm conclusion: the US recovery is here to stay. New trade data released on Wednesday and signs of … Continue reading

21 Jul 2014 (AFR) – The darker side of Iceland’s showcase recovery

(21 July 2014, AFR, p19, Gillian Tett) ‘Six years ago, Iceland became a miniature emblem of the crazy credit boom – and bust. This volcanic island has just 320,000 people. But in the 2000s, the country’s three main banks expanded at such a breathless pace that they assumed $US85 billion of debt to fund a collective … Continue reading

25 Jun 2014 (AFR) – Mirabela recovery the toast of distressed debt scene

(25 June 2014, AFR, p16, Amanda Saunders) ‘Mirabela Nickel will be handed back to its directors on Wednesday and is poised to relist on the ASX after a stunning comeback that has the country’s distressed debt scene frothing. Brought to its knees in October after losing half its customer base and facing the forced closure of … Continue reading

3 Jun 2014 (AFR) – Tepid US recovery – it’s the middle class, stupid

(3 June 2014, AFR, p22, Edward Luce) ‘The only point of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable, said J K Galbraith. Economists blame most of the US’s 1 per cent shrinkage in the first quarter of this year on the harsh winter. Now that the polar vortex is over, America’s much-awaited take-off will finally … Continue reading

29 May 2014 (AFR) – Spanish nightmare fades as pick-up buoys housing market

(29 May 2014, AFR, p58, Angeline Benoit and Sharon Smyth) ‘Within the ashes left by Spain’s real estate crash, some embers are glowing. As the recovery in the euro region’s fourth-largest economy extends and its record unemployment subsides, the property market whose slump locked the country into a recession is showing signs of life. While … Continue reading

31 Oct 2013 (AFR) – It’s too early to call it a recovery: Panaccio

(31 Oct 2013, AFR, p46, Robert Harley) ‘It’s “too early” to see a pick-up in retail sales in Australia’s malls, says the managing director of the $9.2 billion Westfield Retail Trust, Domenic Panaccio.’ ‘Speaking during the Citi Investment Conference in Sydney, Mr Panaccio said consumer confidence would be helped by factors such as a stable … Continue reading

12 Jan 2013 (AFR) – US, China signal global recovery

(12 Jan 2013, AFR, page 1, Jacob Greber) ‘An outbreak of what European Central Bank president Mario Draghi has dubbed “positive contagion” is fuelling hopes 2013 will mark an end to the rolling crisis of the past five years.’ ‘Worldwide, financial market participants have entered the year in a upbeat frame of mind, as investors … Continue reading

5 Oct 2012 (AFR, Guardian) – Expect no recovery before 2018: IMF

(5 Oct 2012, AFR, p31, Philip Inman, London, and The Guardian) No recovery until 2018, IMF warns ‘Fund’s chief economist Olivier Blanchard says global economy will take a decade to recover from the financial crisis. The International Monetary Fund’s chief economist has warned that the global economy will take a decade to recover from the … Continue reading