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2 Oct 2019 (TheAge) – Bubble fears are back: Property prices threatening to get out of control

(2 October 2019, The Age, Business, p23, Elizabeth Knight) ‘The government, regulators, the Reserve Bank were all hoping for an orderly upturn in house pricing. But the price gains recorded in September suggest the bounce is proving to be anything but orderly – prices are threatening to spin out of control. Fear of missing out … Continue reading

14 June 2018 (AFR) – Metro Property’s discounts leftover Brisbane apartments

(14 June 2018, AFR, p33, by Su-Lin Tan) ‘Real estate agents are offering 20 per cent discounts on apartment sales at four of Brisbane-based developer Metro Property Development’s Brisbane CBD projects as the apartment market continues to face headwinds.’ Read more at (might need AFR login access, or try:

4 June 2018 (TheAge) – In Vancouver, a housing frenzy that even homeowners want to rein in

(4 June 2018, The Age, p13, Conor Dougherty) ‘Vancouver, British Columbia: Between multimillion-dollar teardowns, blocks full of backyard cottages and towering condominiums that are sold and resold several times before they are even built, there is no shortage of anecdotes about this city’s housing frenzy. Here is a new one: Vancouver is so expensive that … Continue reading

31 Oct 2017 (AFR) – China’s home prices cool, property companies reduce risks

(31 October 2017, AFR, p44, by Umesh Desai and Clare Jim) ‘As the froth comes off China’s home prices, there are increasing signs that some property developers, particularly those with a heavy debt load, are becoming less aggressive. They are reducing balance sheet leverage, buying land through joint ventures with other property companies to reduce … Continue reading

18 Oct 2017 (AFR) – No bubble here as Treasury secretary lauds regulatory crackdown

(18 October 2017, AFR, p3, Larry Schlesinger, Jonathan Shapiro, Jacob Greber) ‘Australia is not in the grip of a property bubble despite the surge in prices in Sydney and Melbourne and the high indebtedness of households, says one of the world’s largest asset managers. As the Reserve Bank of Australia again flagged that it has … Continue reading

19 July 2017 (AFR) – China’s property market slows as Beijing prices fall for first time in two years

(19 July 2017, AFR, p10, by Yawen Chen and Ryan Woo) ‘Home property prices in Beijing fell for the first time in more than two years in June, while Shanghai further declined and Shenzhen stalled, pointing to significant cooling in China’s biggest real estate markets, official data showed. Nationwide, home price growth slowed slightly in … Continue reading

24 May 2017 (AFR) – Ghost of ’97 stalks Hong Kong economy infected by housing debt

(24 May 2017, AFR, p34, by Alfred Liu, Moxy Ying and Enda Curran) ‘In 1997, the Asian financial crisis touched off a six-year property bust in Hong Kong that shaved more than two-thirds off prices and saddled the city with a stagnant economy and deflation. As Hong Kong gets ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary … Continue reading

8 Apr 2017 (AFR) – Housing correction ‘won’t be orderly’

(8 April 2017, AFR, p5, by Larry Schlesinger) ‘Ask respected property analyst Martin North what form the coming downturn in the housing market might take and “orderly” is not the description he uses. Instead North anticipates a much more significant downturn in the investor-driven, debt-laden markets like Sydney and Melbourne.’ Read more at (might … Continue reading

26 Oct 2016 (AFR) – Will the high rise sector crash the rest of the property market?

(26 October 2016, AFR, p30, by Richard Wakelin) ‘Pretty much every respected economic organisation is now worried that the residential multi-unit sector is headed for serious trouble. In recent days the Reserve Bank and Deloitte Access Economics have flagged that the pipeline of new stock planned for our major capitals over the next couple of … Continue reading

26 Oct 2016 (AFR) – China releases extra housing data to confirm slowdown

(26 October 2016, AFR, p14, by Lisa Murray) ‘It’s rare in China for a government department to release more information than required. So analysts took note when the National Bureau of Statistics added two weeks of data to its September update on the property market last Friday. The message from the government was clear. Fears of a … Continue reading

15 Oct 2016 (AFR) – New bubble fears for China’s property market

(15 October 2016, AFR, p13, by: Lisa Murray, Angus Grigg) ‘Chinese bank chiefs have been summoned to rein in home lending as property prices have surged by a third across major cities.’ ‘A guard at a property sales office in the wealthy eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou slides open the front doors just enough to … Continue reading

5 Oct 2016 (AFR) – Panic buying fears as China cracks down on property investors

(5 October 2016, AFR, p12, by Lisa Murray) ‘A raft of new restrictions on property buyers in China could spark a round of “panic buying” as investors look to avoid any additional curbs, according to analysts. They also warn that this would further inflate the country’s already-hot real estate market. Over the past week, no fewer than nine cities … Continue reading

3 Oct 2016 (AFR,TaipeiTimes) – China needs to heed warnings on property

(3 October 2016, AFR, p22, By Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng, Taipei Times) ‘Real-estate prices in China’s top cities are spiking, generating contradictory predictions of either bursting bubbles or an economic turnaround. What is really going on in China’s property market? The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics last week revealed that 10 of the 70 … Continue reading

21 July 2016 (AFR) – Developer offers free holidays to apartment buyers

[COMMENT: Now might this be a sign of a bubble that is soon to burst? Caveat Emptor!] (21 July 2016, AFR, p8, by Duncan Hughes) ‘Trips to Europe and luxury Asian resorts are on offer to off-the-plan buyers of Melbourne apartments as rising supply and falling demand increases pressure on developers. Buyers of two or … Continue reading

29 Sept 2015 (AFR) – Ireland: Tentative signs that Celtic Tiger is starting to purr again

(29 September 2015, AFR, p31, by Vincent Boland, Financial Times) ‘Ireland’s business and political elite will gather this week on a greenfield site near the town of Naas, not far from Dublin, to mark the opening of one of the biggest investments made by an Irish company in several years.’ <snipped…> ‘… in 2012, when … Continue reading

5 June 2015 (AFR) – How do you measure a housing bubble?

[COMMENT: Now is this a joke? or are we serious about how to measure property bubbles?] (5 June 2015, AFR, p4, by Jonathan Shapiro) ‘Australia’s housing bubble debate inflated when policymakers appeared in front of senators to offer their views on the current state of property prices. What we learnt is that the most senior financial minds have … Continue reading

25 Sept 2014 (AFR) – RBA targets property boom

(25 Sept 2014, AFR, p1, Jacob Greber and James Eyers) ‘Banks and investors face an escalating campaign of pressure by regulators and potentially tougher credit controls orchestrated by the Reserve Bank of Australia to head off a property bubble. Alarmed by the property frenzy in Sydney, Melbourne and parts of Brisbane, the central bank put lenders on … Continue reading

4 Sept 2014 (AFR) – What property boom? Perth prestige prices stall

(4 Sept 2014, AFR, p3, Jonathan Barrett) ‘In Perth’s best suburbs, many ­homeowners are going backwards. Values of houses worth more than $1 million in Mosman Park, Dalkeith, Subiaco and Cottesloe are either flat or have fallen since 2008, new data shows. The median house price for ­$1 million-plus homes in Mosman Park was…’ Read more at … Continue reading

3 Jan 2014 (TheAge) – Capital city house prices grow by 10 per cent in 2013

(3 Jan 2014, The Age, BusinessDay, p16, Glenda Kwek) ‘Capital city home prices have posted their highest growth in four years, rising by almost 10 per cent last year as record-low interest rates increased buyers’ appetites for residential property. Sydney recorded the strongest yearly growth of 14.5 per cent, with a median dwelling price of … Continue reading

8 Oct 2013 (AFR, FinTimes) – Irish recovery a boon for Dublin but, regions left out

(8 Oct 2013, AFR, p21, Jamie Smyth, Financial Times) Irish eyes are smiling again as Dublin’s property prices pick up ‘Six years after Ireland’s property bubble burst, tipping the country’s economy into crisis and causing commercial and residential prices to more than halve, the sector is showing signs of recovery. In Dublin, house prices have … Continue reading

20 Sept 2013 (AFR, Fin Times) – China property bubble no danger to us – yet

(20 Sept 2013, AFR, p19, and The Lex Column, Financial Times) ‘A real estate crash in a big country is a global problem, as we learnt in 2007. So resurgent talk of a Chinese property bubble is unnerving. The official statistics bureau said on Wednesday that residential property prices jumped almost a fifth in August from … Continue reading

12 Sept 2013 (AFR) – Surging housing confidence fuels bubble concerns

(12 Sept 2013, AFR, p1, Jacob Greber) ‘Confidence among home buyers has surged to close to its highest level in 12 years, adding to evidence the new Coalition government and the Reserve Bank of Australia face the risk of a property bubble on their watch. A day after the prudential regulator warned banks against increasing the number … Continue reading

29 July 2013 (AFR) – Surging prime central London prices spark bubble fears

(29 July 2013, AFR, p17, and Financial Times, John Authers) ‘Yet again, the London property market is at the centre of attention. This week, Britain unveiled the second stage of its “Help to Buy” scheme – £12 billion in mortgage guarantees, to aid first-time buyers, and also help push up prices.’ ‘Meanwhile, a new survey by … Continue reading

21 March 2013 (AFR) – Cromwell chief warns of property bubble

(21 March 2013, AFR, p35, Matthew Cranston) ‘Cromwell Property Group’s chief executive, Paul Weightman, says a commercial property “bubble” is building in Australia and his company will look to sell assets and significantly reduce its cost of debt before the bubble bursts. Speaking at an RBS Morgans function in Brisbane on Wednesday, Mr Weightman said … Continue reading

26 Oct 2012 (AFR) – Receiver appointed to Juniper’s Soul development

[COMMENT: This story is a classic example of what happens towards the end of every property boom, with people over-committing to inflated purchases, and then not wanting to, or not being able to, complete the purchase. A must read…] (26 OCt 2012, AFR, p2, Matthew Cranston) ‘The new $850 million Soul tower at Surfers Paradise … Continue reading