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23 Jan 2019 (AFR) – Australia faces a Brit-style meltdown in retail property values

(23 January 2019, AFR, p32, by Nick Lenaghan) ‘Australia’s retail landlords are the facing the same kind of major devaluing of their assets that is now weighing on the UK market, according to a major British investment manager, Fidelity International. In a research paper entitled Retail’s fall from grace, Fidelity’s team warn that British retail … Continue reading

20 Feb 2018 (AFR) – GetSwift plummets 55pc on reinstatement to ASX

(20 February 2018, AFR, p1, p13, by Michael Bailey) ‘GetSwift shares plummeted 55 per cent on Monday after the logistics software maker told the market that less than half its announced contracts had progressed to a revenue generating stage. After last trading at $2.92, before their suspension on January 22, GetSwift’s shares closed on Monday … Continue reading

25 Aug 2015 (TheAge) – Catastrophe engenders opportunity – ASX: Don’t follow the herd but watch out for opportunities

(25 August 2015, The Age, BusinessDay, p28, Michael Pascoe, BusinessDay contributing editor, View more articles from Michael Pascoe) ‘On the 25th anniversary of the crash of ’87, Fidelity International’s Tom Stevenson wrote a “lessons learnt” article that included the advice that we should buy shares the same way we buy fruit and vegetables: more when … Continue reading