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15 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus death toll jumps again, shattering Chinese confidence

(15 February 2020, AFR, p12, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | China reported another 121 deaths and more than 5000 new cases from the coronavirus outbreak on Friday as cities around the country tightened travel restrictions and ordered millions to stay at home, crushing confidence that the government has the health crisis under control. Japan … Continue reading

12 Feb 2020 (TheAge) – Coronavirus: Cochlear warns of $30 million coronavirus profit hit

(12 February 2020, The Age, Business, P23, By Patrick Hatch) ‘Hearing device manufacturer Cochlear is the latest major Australian company to be affected by the deadly coronavirus with the implant group taking a $30 million profit hit as surgeries are delayed across China.’ Read more at

12 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Builders warn of coronavirus hit to key material supplies

(12 February 2020, AFR, p35, Michael Bleby, Senior Reporter) ‘Concerns about the supply of key building supplies such as curtain wall from China’s coronavirus-hit manufacturing industry are growing among builders in NSW, who warned clients of potential disruptions to their high-rise projects. News of the concerns about curtain wall – the plate glass windows and … Continue reading

12 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: CEOs warn virus hit will get worse

(12 February 2020, AFR, p3, John Kehoe, Senior Writer) ‘The economic toll is mounting from the coronavirus, after hearing implant maker Cochlear cut its profit outlook due to Chinese hospitals deferring surgeries and beef exporters joined the seafood industry in bracing for weaker Chinese demand. The Morrison government is poised to extend the initial two-week … Continue reading

11 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Construction supply chains at risk from coronavirus

(11 February 2020, AFR, p29, Michael Bleby, Senior Reporter) ‘The impact of coronavirus is spreading to global supply chains, with building contractors warning clients of potential delays on projects because factories have closed in China – the source of many building materials used in Australian projects – as a result of the respiratory disease. The … Continue reading

11 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: China’s factory prices break deflation spell, but virus risks grow

(11 February 2020, AFR, p9, Se Young Lee and Stella Qiu) ‘Beijing | China’s factory-gate prices snapped six months of year-on-year declines in January, although prolonged business closures from the coronavirus outbreak mean positive momentum is unlikely to persist. The virus has killed more than 900 in China and has also added to price pressures … Continue reading

7 Feb 2020 (AFR) – China cuts tariffs on $US75b of US imports

(7 February 2020, AFR, p16, AP) ‘Beijing | China cut tariffs on $US75 billion ($111 billion) of US imports including auto parts on Thursday in response to American reductions as part of their truce in a trade war. The cuts come as China struggles with the mounting cost of measures imposed to contain a virus … Continue reading

7 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Reports China considering congress delay as virus toll spikes

(7 February 2020, AFR, p15, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | Beijing was reported to be looking at delaying the annual meeting of its top legislative body as it extended school shutdowns due to the deadly coronavirus and considered whether hundreds of millions of people would be allowed back to work next week. China recorded … Continue reading

6 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: China tightens controls as virus death toll hits 492

(6 February 2020, AFR, p10, Michael Smith and Bo Seo) ‘Shanghai|Sydney | The number of people infected with the coronavirus is expected to keep rising for months as Beijing steps up measures to quarantine millions of people and one of China’s top scientists warned there was no sign of a turning point. Scientists said Thursday … Continue reading

4 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: China sell-off reflects growth fears

(4 February 2020, AFR, p27, Robert Guy, Senior Writer) ‘Prognosis: negative. That was the swift – yet unsurprising – conclusion delivered by investors as the re-opening of China’s financial markets was greeted with a 8 per cent slide in the CSI 300 Index – which includes Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks – and the Chinese yuan … Continue reading

4 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: China stocks fall 8pc as markets reopen on virus fears

(4 February 2020, AFR, p1, Michael Smith and William McInnes) ‘Shanghai/Sydney | Chinese stocks had their biggest fall in four years on Monday when markets reopened for the first time since the deadly coronavirus spread throughout the country as fears grew about the long-term damage the outbreak will have on the world’s second-largest economy. A … Continue reading

3 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Dr Copper has coronavirus, but will recover

(3 February 2020, AFR, p23, The Lex Column) ‘Commodity investors seeking quick returns should give copper a whirl if coronavirus infection rates go on dropping. Dr Copper is afflicted with a real-life illness. The red metal is seen as a physician that reveals economic maladies. It is used in everything from new homes to power transmission. … Continue reading

3 Feb 2020 (AFR) – China braces for economic shock as coronavirus death toll passes 300

(3 February 2020, AFR, p11, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai |  China’s central bank at the weekend announced a raft of stimulus measures aimed at cushioning the world’s second-largest economy from the coronavirus, which has forced the country to shut down its main manufacturing hubs and much of its business for at least three weeks. … Continue reading

3 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus costs China’s services sector $217b in a week

(3 February 2020, AFR, p10, Wang Jing and Denise Jia) ‘Beijing | China’s coronavirus outbreak cost more than 1 trillion yuan ($217 billion) in losses to the restaurant, tourism and movie industries in seven days of the Lunar New Year holiday, economists estimated. The coronavirus, which has already killed more than 250 people and infected … Continue reading

1 Feb 2020 (AFR) – Borders shut, flights cut as coronavirus spreads further

(1 February 2020, AFR, p1, Michael Smith and Tom McIlroy) ‘Shanghai/Canberra | The world is bracing for its worst health crisis in decades – China’s deadly coronavirus has spread to 19 countries, including densely-populated India, and governments in Australia and around the world are scrambling to shield their citizens. Russia closed its more than 4000-kilometre … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR,Lex) – Coronavirus and luxury retail: When China sneezes, luxury retail catches cold

(29 January 2020, AFR, p23, The Lex Column) ‘China’s woes have caused feverish debate about travel bans and screening. With economic growth near multi-decade lows, Chinese shoppers are already spending less. Time to cash in on luxury’s bull run. China is sneezing. How sick is the rest of the world going to get? Reports that … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: Death toll tops 100 as China fights to contain virus

(29 January 2020, AFR, p11, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | The death toll from China’s rapidly spreading coronavirus rose to 106 on Tuesday, as the government continued its fight to contain its biggest health crisis in decades, while assuring the world it would do everything to prevent fatalities beyond its borders. Beijing said it … Continue reading

29 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus Shanghai: Life in a ghost town as virus paranoia sets in

(29 January 2020, AFR, p1,  Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘The level of paranoia about a deadly virus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has increased considerably since the woman on the street approached me fearing for my safety.’ <snipped…> ‘Shanghai, while typically quiet during the Lunar New Year, usually picks up on the … Continue reading

28 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus: Empty restaurants in China a worry for Australian wine

(28 January 2020, AFR, p9, Simon Evans, Senior Reporter) ‘Australia’s wine industry faces a short-term hit if people in China keep staying away from restaurants and bars as the coronavirus outbreak worsens, with industry players nervous about a repeat of the fall-out from the 2003 SARS epidemic. Australia and France compete as the biggest exporter … Continue reading

25 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Global markets swoon as lethal China virus spreads

(25 January 2020, AFR, p12, David J. Lynch) ‘Washington | Wall Street stumbled on Thursday (Friday AEDT) amid fears that efforts to curtail the lethal coronavirus in China could further disrupt the global economy. The Dow fell nearly 200 points before recovering to close at 29,160.09, down 26 points for the day, following China’s decision … Continue reading

25 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Beijing locks down eight cities, halts New Year celebrations

(25 January 2020, AFR, p12, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | China has cut transport links to eight cities in efforts to quarantine more than 20 million people as the spread of the deadly coronavirus accelerated on Friday, triggering widespread criticism that authorities acted too late to contain the health crisis. The ruling Communist Party … Continue reading

25 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus ‘may yet become’ a global emergency, WHO says

(25 January 2020, AFR, p3, Bo Seo, Reporter) ‘Nervous markets and citizens – from Sydney to Belfast – are awaiting to see if the fatal outbreak of a new coronavirus strain rises to a global health emergency, as the number of suspected cases in Australia grows.’ Read more at (might need AFR login access)

24 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Coronavirus poses risk for Australian airports: Moody’s

(24 January 2020, AFR, p19, Elouise Fowler, Reporter) ‘Ratings agency Moody’s says the outbreak of deadly SARS-like coronavirus in China poses a short-term risk for Australian airports as Chinese passengers now account for over 15 per cent of total short-stay tourism. Chinese authorities have shut down airport and transport networks in Wuhan, the city at … Continue reading

24 Jan 2020 (AFR) – China quarantines city at centre of virus outbreak as death toll rises

(24 January 2020, AFR, p11, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | The Chinese city at the centre of a deadly virus that has alarmed health authorities around the world is in lockdown after authorities shut transport links to Wuhan and told its 11 million residents not to leave. The unprecedented quarantine of one of China’s … Continue reading

23 Jan 2020 (AFR) – US-China trade deal is spin for Trump’s failed protectionism

(23 January 2020, AFR, p39,  Stephen Kirchner, Contributor) ‘After two years of negotiations, the US and China have signed a “phase one” economic and trade agreement that has forestalled further increases in US tariffs on imports from China. Equity markets rallied on the news, a measure of the extent to which the trade war has … Continue reading

23 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Travel stocks slip on coronavirus fears

(23 January 2020, AFR, p9, Yolanda Redrup, Reporter) ‘Travel stocks took a hit on Wednesday, as fears over the outbreak of the coronavirus caused nervousness among investors. Locally Sydney Airport, Flight Centre, Webjet, Qantas and Helloworld Travel all traded down, with Qantas and Helloworld losing more than 2 per cent.’ Read more at (might … Continue reading

23 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Panic spreads in China as virus death toll mounts

(23 January 2020, AFR, p9, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | The Chinese government is under pressure to contain rising panic about the outbreak of a mysterious virus spreading throughout the country, as the death toll rose to nine and the number of reported infections doubled to more than 400 in just 24 hours. Face … Continue reading

21 Jan 2020 (AFR) – China confirms 139 new cases of virus

(21 January 2020, AFR, p11, Javier C Hernandez) ‘Beijing | The authorities in China reported a third death from a mysterious virus and more than 130 new cases over the weekend, including ones found in Beijing and southern China for the first time. The jump in cases raised questions about how the virus is being … Continue reading

21 Jan 2020 (AFR) – Disappointment in the detail of US-China trade deal

(21 January 2020, AFR, p10,  Jeffrey Schott, Contributor ‘Champagne corks popped on January 15 as US and Chinese officials signed phase one of their bilateral trade deal. But the celebration seems premature. Champagne corks popped on January 15 as US and Chinese officials signed phase one of their bilateral trade deal. But the celebration seems … Continue reading

18 Jan 2020 (AFR) – China’s economic growth slows to 30-year low

(18 January 2020, AFR, p11, Michael Smith, China Correspondent) ‘Shanghai | China’s economy grew at its slowest rate in three decades last year, but this week’s trade deal with Donald Trump and a pick-up in investment and retail sales in December was welcomed by investors relieved to see the end of the 18-month long tariff … Continue reading